British Isles and Senior Internationals

Good Luck to the British Isles Players and Senior International Team playing at Llandrindod Wells Friday 17th - Tuesday 20th.  Looking forward to welcoming all supporters.


Friday 16th June

9.30 am           Pairs Prelim (Ireland v Scotland)

                        Triples Prelim (Wales v Scotland)

                        Triples Semi-Final 2 (Jersey v England)

                        Fours Prelim (Scotland v England)

                        Fours Semi-Final 2 (Ireland v Jersey)

                        Senior Fours Prelim (Wales v England)


1.30 pm           Singles Semi-Final 1 (Ireland v England)

                        Singles Semi-Final 2 (Wales v Scotland)

                        Pairs Semi-Final 2 (Wales v Jersey)

                        Triples Semi-Final 1 (Wales/Scotland v Ireland)


5.30 pm           Pairs Semi-Final 1 (Ireland/Scotland v England)



Saturday 17th June

9.30 am           Fours Semi-Final 1 (Scotland/England v Wales)

                        Senior Fours Semi-Final 1 (Wales/England v Ireland)

                        Senior Fours Semi-Final 2 (Scotland v Jersey)

                        Pairs Final


2 pm                Singles Final

                        Triples Final

                        Fours Final

                        Senior Fours Final


Please note: All start times are subject to change due to players competing in multiple events



Opening Ceremony 9.15am - Trial Ends 9.45am

Sunday 18th AM

Wales v Scotland

Sunday 18th PM - 2.30pm

Wales v England

Monday 19th PM - 2.30pm

Wales v Jersey

Tuesday 20th AM - 9.30am

Wales v Ireland

1.30pm Closing Ceremony

Live Scoring Link to follow